About Greek Festivals

Greek Festivals is an initiative sponsored by OramaWorld.com, started in 2016, with aim to become the most complete online directory worldwide. The directory currently includes more than two thousand listings with Feasts, Cultural Events, Religious Feasts, Carnivals, Traditional Events, Celebrations, Athletic Events & Exhibitions from all over the World.

Every page of the Directory includes an Interactive Map based on Google Maps technology, showing the density of entries per region. There are five different levels of regions (global, continent, country, province/state and city) with corresponding interactive maps. The display of entries is supported by special icons for each category to ease identification.

We aim the Directory to become complete with the contribution of its visitors, therefore we invite you to add new listings or update existing information. This can be done through the options provided at the top right menu. There is a simple registration process in place that sends you an activation code at your email address.

Moreover, we would like to hear your comments and suggestions. You may contact us by completing the relative form or by sending email to [email protected] and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

The OramaWorld.com Team